Ouça ao vivo!

  • Next release of DPMusic are coming

18 Out 2016 06:30
Having an incredible morning listening this huge C.L.A.S.S.I.C.! Have a nice day =D https://t.co/tYcTFQ03zZ
17 Out 2016 18:39
Yeah ! ELVIS PRESLEY + Junkie XL Nostalgic... who remember ? https://t.co/6zR65Atx5X https://t.co/J8UOup5ZcA
16 Out 2016 21:00
Finishing this amazing sunday with class! Have a Sweet Dreams! https://t.co/DePMHyOYua
16 Out 2016 15:59
Sunday mood <3 https://t.co/0rOsO0nfBZ
14 Out 2016 20:29
New release of DPMusic in the air! Check our soundcloud profile and choose your favorite tune !... https://t.co/6cRAKowXGy
13 Out 2016 22:00
Agent! Is in the house! Dance Paradise Live 22h to 00h, on Jovem Pan FM 103,9 Curitiba 103,5 Ponta Grossa 101,5... https://t.co/d883pK0QGJ
13 Out 2016 09:00
Tonight we will receive this big name ftom Germany Techno and Tech House, AGENT! Directly from German, to you!... https://t.co/oTNOU2N0UG
10 Out 2016 12:21
New release by DPMusic in the air ! DP Music presents: Amsterdam 2016 Including tracks from: ASSADii, ATTARII,... https://t.co/n4JMmqRzNu
7 Out 2016 22:03
ULTRA BRASIL ANUNCIA TRANSFERÊNCIA DO FESTIVAL PARA O SAMBÓDROMO Após uma ampla consideração, o festival ULTRA... https://t.co/9vy9zFtAgp
6 Out 2016 10:01
Hello guys, tonight will have a special of Layout, with a lot of oldschool music. And tomorrow we will celebrate... https://t.co/oijCx4gBVd